Extreme Rooftop Tent

The Extreme builds on the features of the Discovery and adds an external storage well in the back half of the upper shell. Designed to offer extra gear hauling capacity, the cargo tray includes tie-down points and supports loads up to 65-pounds. Like the Discovery, the Extreme’s single-sided hinge and wedge-shaped architecture make it quick to set up or take down. Unlatching the two side buckles lets the gas-assist struts elevate the upper shell. To ensure an effortless setup, the gas-charged struts are tuned to raise the extra weight of cargo stored atop the shell. Setup takes as little as two minutes including the installation of the telescoping ladder.

The Extreme’s dual doors and large wrap-around windows provide 270-degree views to let in extra light. A rear panel creates a convenient portal through which to pass gear from the back gate of the vehicle. Mesh backing on the window panels keep bugs at bay while inviting a cooling cross breeze. The sloped roofline creates a tall internal peak height of 51-inches which is perfect for taller users requiring extra headroom.

55 Inches
140 cm

78 Inches
198 cm

41 Inches
104 cm

13.5 Inches
34 cm

Powered Ventilation

Wind Tested

Wind Tested

145lbs / 65 kg

LED Lighting
Flashlight Included

5 Years


Strut Assisted

High Density Foam


Interior Storage

2 Adults + 1 Child

A Hard Shell To Beat

Made of fiberglass-reinforced polyester, the low-profile hull is aerodynamically shaped for optimal fuel efficiency. External ribs help direct air over the shell to reduce wind noise at highway speeds. Dust-proof ventilation ports on either side expel moisture from within the closed tent to help mitigate the buildup of mildew. The shell is available in white, grey, or black gel-coat colors.


Class Leading Strength

A hallmark of every James Baroud tent is the proprietary canvas. The aluminized polyester fabric is coated with an acrylic layer to yield unrivaled storm worthiness, durability, UV-resistance, and breathability. In warm temperatures the canvas reflects solar heat to help maintain a cool and comfortable internal temperature. For use in cooler weather, an optional Isothermic liner bolsters warmth and helps reduce condensation. Like all of their tents, the Extreme was tested to wind speeds of 60mph. Even in a howling gale, the fabric walls remain taut with no buffeting to disturb a good night’s sleep.

Canvas Characteristics ISO Standard
Tissue 100% Polyester  
Composition PES 100% ISO 1833
Construction Simple 1/1 ISO 3572
Coating Acrylic  
Width 164cm/243cm ISO 22198
Weight (+/-5%) 240g/m2 ISO 3801
Tensile Strength   ISO 13934-1
Longitudinal 140 daN  
Transversal 100 daN  
Breaking load   ISO 13937-1
Longitudinal 2,0 daN  
Transversal 2,0 daN  
Schmerber 85 cm ISO 811
Weather Resistance 6 (Sides Covered) ISO 105 b04
Wet 4 ISO 105×12:2002
Dry 4  
Migration within the PVC 3-4 ISO 10510:1978

Rugged Yet Comfortable

Inside the tent a 3-inch thick mattress spans the entire 55×78-inch floor. The high-density foam is wrapped in a soft, removable cover for maximum comfort. The refined ergonomics extend to the rounded ladder rungs designed for use with bare feet. Machined aluminum attachment points on both sides of the hull ensure the ladder remains locked securely in place.

Mattress Quality
Density 28 kg/m3 ISO 845
Tensile Strength 115 Kpa ISO 1798
Air Permeability 825 L/dm2/min ISO 9237
Dimensions W: 140cm L: 198cm

The Extreme includes a detachable LED internal light, multiple storage pockets, a cargo net, and a solar-powered ventilation fan to help move air through the tent in extreme conditions. The fan is silent with an internal battery providing up to 24 hours of power.

Beneath the hull, two aluminum tracks mount the tent to any standard rack system and permit a wide range of adjustment to ensure proper positioning. Galvanized mounting hardware defends against rust and corrosion.

Built To Last

Certified by Germany’s Tüv Rheinland organization, the Extreme is backed by an industry leading 5-year warranty. It is ideally suited to travelers in need of extra storage capacity and want the added headroom and simplicity of the Discovery.

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